Realigning to Your Divinity

Akashic Reading


It's extremely fulfilling and rewarding to be able to help clients realign to who they truly are at Soul level, to their Divine Soul Blueprint. To how they were originally created by Divine Source.  Seeing them create opportunities and making new choices once they understand their negative karmic patterns, and what is keeping them from living their Diving Self-expression.

I'm truly grateful for having the possibility to help them in their new journey and for the heartfelt and loving feedback received.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


~ Alison, from the UK 

Florbela gave me a very accurate reading, she explained many things which were happening in my life and the reason for this. At the time of the reading, I had ill health and every day was a struggle. I listened as Florbela went through my akashic records, explaining in detail the energies and programs I needed to correct, I was amazed at how accurate she was and how things started to make perfect sense to me. After the reading, Florbela sent a written copy of my records which I have been able to refer back to in addition to the recording she took. She gave me some homework to complete and after a couple of days, I started to feel much better, by the end of the homework, which lasted 21 days I felt so much better. I felt I had so much energy and freedom, it was like a heavyweight had been lifted off my shoulders, I can't thank her enough and would highly recommend people to try this. I feel more positive about the future and am more conscious of the decisions I make and how they can affect me both now and in the future.


~ Brian, from the USA

WOW! I didn't realize how much my daily actions were related to karmic patterns from past lives. This reading was so enlightening and reassuring of so many things that were present in my life that I wasn't even conscious about. Besides getting all the information, Florbela also helped and guided me on how to overcome these negative choices I was making and how to take action to create better circumstances for myself and my present life. Thank you so much Florbela for such an amazing reading and guidance. Definitely recommend this!


~ Maria, from Canada

For the first time in my life I understand why I'm the way that I am. My Soul group characteristics and my gifts really helped me to understand so many things about myself and now I actually feel comfortable about who I am instead of feeling awkward for the fact that I might think differently than others. This reading also really helped me with a lot of negative ways I was relating to my environment and creating negative karmic patterns. Florbela's guidance on how to have a different perspective and create different choices in order to break the patterns was indeed super helpful and I am so grateful. Truly found this Akashic reading to be one of the best things I could do for myself. Thank you!


~ Teresa, from Portugal

My reading was an amazing experience!! So accurate at so many levels. It's truly helpful to have the realization that there's so much more than just this physical plane of existence and it gives a sense of re-connection to your soul and Divinity. So Grateful Florbela! Blessings to you.


~ Jennifer Anne, from Canada

I absolutely loved this Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Reading. After the reading Florbela gave me the homework to do to clear my past-lives negative karmic patterns, and as I did it every day, I found this amazing burst of energy like never before. I did have a lot of past-lives issues that were continuing to intensely affect me in my present life and in a way feeling stuck and many times making the wrong choices for myself. This was truly helpful and I'm now so much more conscious about my thoughts, and the choices I make. I understand that some times choices we think are the correct ones because that's what our friends or family tell us, can actually be very negative for us karmically because they actually go against who we are at Soul level.


~ Frank, from Canada

This reading was a real eye opener not to mention it actually increased my energy level and made me feel so much better physically. Thank you Florbela for this amazing and insightful reading. We are for sure much more. We are Divine Beings.