My Hobby

I love painting.

Painting is what I do to relax and connect with myself.  When I find some free time in my busy routine, I go out,  buy a canvas and just paint something. I’m not a professional painter, never went to school to learn how to paint, however, I did take a course in the past to learn how to use primary colors and create every color that exists. Yes, you probably didn’t know but every existing color can be created from these three. I like using the three primary colors, magenta, yellow and cyan (blue) together with titanium white. Even though a certain black can be created by mixing all three primary colors, I sometimes use oxide black in my paintings as well.  Continue reading “My Hobby”

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Halloween…ghouls, ghosts, goblins, witches and the souls of the dead that roam the streets.

Halloween is the time when monsters come out, the gory stuff, representations of hell, but what about the rest of the year?  We live in a monstrous world. People fight for everything and anything, we’re power hungry, greed takes over our instinct and actions, jealousy and pretentiousness are the essence of many souls. We live in stress, worry, fear and disease. Let’s take the nightly news for example, which I must say I Continue reading “Halloween…”

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