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Responsibility is freedom!

Responsibility is power! Being Responsible gives you the power of choice!

No matter what the situation is, responsibility gives you freedom!


The day I decided to be responsible for every single thing around me and in my life, was the day I was totally free. But what does it really mean to be responsible?

You might be wondering what the heck am I talking about, when I say be responsible for everything around you and in your life… You’re probably thinking --- For sure there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world that I’m not and shouldn’t be responsible for!!! It’s not my fault that there’s so many wrong things in the world.

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An Adventure of a Lifetime

Adventure of a Lifetime

was the first single of the latest Coldplay album, A Head Full of Dreams. One that expresses how divine each human is and the potential each one holds to live the desirable life. “Umi”, the name Chris is called, which could also represent each one of us humans, has several meanings and backgrounds, one of them the African origin, means Servant and Energy and in Egyptian means Life, which is what we are “Living energy to serve our purpose”. We are “Diamonds” and “Legends” every day, “Everything you want is a dream away”. Feel your heart beating underneath your skin, you’ve only got this life, this adventure so feel alive again and remember that only you own you.

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