Shedding off what’s heavy

Wow! Another year coming to the end.

This year was intensely lived, I might add. Worked hard and played even harder! And here we are approaching the final week of 2017.

What do you see when you look back? Are you satisfied with what you did? Do you feel you’re a better human than this time last year? Do you feel you’ve contributed to a better society? Or do you feel, another year that you remained in the same place? Just going along with what’s expected of you?…

I had a recent bookclub meeting with some of my work colleagues in where the discussion was about, to sum it up, being able to say no. Doing what you really feel passionate about and not what’s expected of you. Say “Yes” only to things, to people, to events that you really connect with. But many of you might be thinking… Continue reading “Shedding off what’s heavy”

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Christmas Spirit

Let the sparkle of Christmas light up within you

Even though a special feeling is felt within us during this time, different than during the rest of the year, I feel that Christmas is not celebrated or even understood for its real meaning, for its essence. Each person probably has his or her own interpretation of this season. For me, the meaning of Christmas has changed over the years but I feel, each time it comes around, I’m getting closer to the spiritual essence of the celebration.

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