Responsibility is freedom!

Responsibility is freedom!

Responsibility is power! Being Responsible gives you the power of choice!

No matter what the situation is, responsibility gives you freedom!


The day I decided to be responsible for every single thing around me and in my life, was the day I was totally free. But what does it really mean to be responsible?

You might be wondering what the heck am I talking about, when I say be responsible for everything around you and in your life… You’re probably thinking --- For sure there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world that I’m not and shouldn’t be responsible for!!! It’s not my fault that there’s so many wrong things in the world.

Unfortunately, most of us relate to the words “responsibility and responsible as “a duty, an obligation, or a burden”, synonymous to taking the blame for or having an obligation towards something or someone. For many of us, we rapidly find endless reasons and excuses to exclude ourselves from any responsibility. There’s always the tendency to play the hot potato game and some even go as far as finger pointing which probably makes them feel better. However, being responsible also means “the ability or authority to act or decide on one's own or having control or authority (over) whatever”

So, when I say that we need to be responsible I don’t mean we need to take the blame for things we do or don’t do or that it’s our fault something is happening. I also don’t mean we need to take on the burden of the world. I mean we need “to have the ability to respond” – which means to have the power of choice to respond or not, to everything around us and in our life.

Being responsible is being conscious

When we decide to be responsible or take responsibility for something, we automatically have the power, we have the choice to do whatever we want. We can decide to do something about the situation, or we might decide we don’t wish to take any action, but we decided this and thus taking the responsibility upon ourselves to make this choice. If you decide “I’m responsible” – it only means you have the ability to respond.

When we choose to say “well that’s not my responsibility” we move into a state of powerlessness. We move into a state of helplessness and victimisation that clearly puts us in the “my hands are tied and what can I do" kind of place.

Please understand that taking responsibility doesn’t mean you are responsible to fix the situation or the problem, it means you choose to be responsive, to have the ability to respond to whatever it is that’s before you, which in turn gives you the power and allows you to make the choice, to choose if you wish to do something about it, by the same token you might choose to do nothing about it, but it’s a conscious choice not a powerless attitude or powerless state of being. If you decide to say “I’m not responsible” - it means you don’t have the ability to respond, which just puts you in a powerless place

Our body and system naturally have the ability to respond to everything, to the entire universe, if it didn’t, we weren’t be here… that’s for sure!
We look at nature and it’s continuously responding to its environment. Only we, or better said, our intellectual side picks and chooses what to respond to… be responsible for. Most of the time, passing the buck, because it’s always someone else’s fault.

Who’s responsible? Ultimately, it’s your choice when you take responsibility and are responsive to the world around you!
No matter what the situation is, when we take responsibility, we have a choice. Whatever you’re facing, if you take this approach and attitude of being responsible you can decide how to proceed.

If you start taking responsibility for everything, you’ll see how your life will change. So will your perspective and perception of your environment.


Surrender, trust the drive and enjoy the ride… in the meantime, love you, listen to you and take care of your Soul.

Blessings, love & light to all!
Namaste 🙏


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