Realigning to your Divinity

Akashic Reading

Are you ready to bring abundance into all areas of your life?

Uncover the secret to your success by knowing your Divine Gifts and who you are at Soul level!

Clearing past-life karmic patterns will liberate you, while Realigning to your Divinity will allow you

to joyfully live and embrace this beautiful Human experience!


You are here to experience your individual Divinity!

Hello there! My name is Florbela, and I am thrilled to have you here. Know that it’s no coincidence, and most likely, you are definitely ready for your biggest transformation.

I’m a Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner, and I’m here to help and assist you in empowering yourself to create your own life experience and live your true Divinity through choice.

We are Light Beings living a Human experience, and we are here because it’s really the only place where we can live our individuality. The 3D realm has immense value because we actually have the physical boundaries which allow each individual to express their own Divine Gifts as their Soul was originally created by Divine Source. It’s here on this planet that we have the only opportunity to live our true self-expression, however, unfortunately because we create our life experience through choice and consequence, we don't always make the best choices or even choices that are congruent to our Divinity, thus creating negative Karma. We choose to make choices and take action that create blocks and restrictions, hence impeding us from actually living a true happy and fulfilling life, and many times affecting us at the mental and physical levels.


Karma is just like gravity, you don’t see it but it’s here and to stay. It works 24/7, created with each choice and consequence, and it can be good or bad. There’s no reset button and it accompanies you, lifetime after lifetime. You may wonder why you try so hard to achieve something but it just never works out, and this is because you can very well have blocks and restrictions created in past-lives that keep running the same energetic statements and programs, but because you don’t remember your choices that created these energetic statements and programs, they continue to run in your present life experience.


By permitting access to your Akashic Record, I’m able to channel your negative karmic patterns, and any blocks and restrictions you have chosen to create in past-lives and in your present life that are not in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint.

From a “Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Reading" you will finally know why certain patterns seem to be present constantly and are now empowered to consciously create and make new choices, thus creating new circumstances and consequences.


Here’s a brief description of what you’ll be able to know about yourself and the areas you need to address


  1. Your Soul Group Origination Characteristics – The positive, negative and dysfunctional aspects.
  2. Your Divine Gifts – What your personal gifts are, where you will shine, and how you can align yourself to create abundance.
  3. How you are relating to the world around you in a negative way and how to overcome it.
  4. How you are engaging in negative thought forms that are limiting you.
  5. How far you are in your spiritual journey and how to align yourself.
  6. The current condition of your Soul and how to restore it to its integrity.
  7. What is limiting you from receiving vital force energy from Divine Source in order to function at your maximum potential.
  8. Any attachments you have and any programs/energetic influences that are running that are preventing you from your Divine self-expression.
  9. Choices you have made consciously or unconsciously that are disempowering you.
  10. Past-lives Negative Karmic patterns that are currently hindering you and how you can make new choices.
  11. How you can overcome your blocks and restrictions in your present life


A “Realigning to Your Divinity” Akashic Reading consists of the above and much more.

The full “Realigning to Your Divinity” Akashic Reading consultation package includes:


  1. 1 to 1 - 1hr call over Skype or phone - "Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Reading" - Akashic Records
  2. A recording of the "Realigning to Your Divinity" reading for you to keep for future reference
  3. A summary reference to help you keep yourself on track on your transformational path
  4. 1 follow-up coaching call (45 minutes) within the following 30 days - To guide and assist you on your new journey
  5. A twenty-one day transmutation of energy manifesto - Reconditioning your mental body - targeting the subconscious mind to the effects of the clearing work done in the Akashic Records
  6. A seven day Soul Restoration Video (if applicable) - Bringing back your Soul to its full integrity if you present with Soul Loss -
  7. Advice and guidance to empower you on how to make choices congruent to your Divine Soul Blueprint and begin your new transformational journey.


If you are ready for an immense transformation at the mental, emotional and physical levels,

then the “Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Reading” is for you.


Once the “Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Reading” has been delivered and completed, clients have the following available at an additional cost:


Find out more on how to begin your beautiful transformation



* "Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Reading" plus Energetic Property Clearing combination package available


IMPORTANT: Before proceeding I will have to check your eligibility in receiving a “Realigning to Your Divinity” reading. "Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Readings" on someone else other than yourself (very particular circumstances) and any other information, please email me by clicking the link above.