You have just made the choice to take responsibility for your own life experiences in this lifetime. Know that this is the first step to becoming empowered and taking control over what you are experiencing in your daily life. You won’t be able to undo the choices, consequences and karmic patterns YOU created in past-lives, but YOU can certainly be aware of them, and have the intention to clear them, thus consciously making new choices and creating different consequences in this lifetime. With this reading you will learn and understand why the same situations keep happening, why the same patterns and circumstances continue to manifest, and even discover the cause of much of your dis-ease you may be feeling and experiencing on a daily basis.

Due to the very difficult times humanity is experiencing, we have decided to reduce our pricing, since more than ever, there’s a need to understand who we are at soul level and why we have embarked on and embraced this life experience. We hope we can continue to help and guide many more people to change, improve and create a beautiful life experience.



Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Reading – €200 €125

Once you have cleared your negative karmic patterns from past-lives and your soul is now aligned to its original creation,  you will find that your home no longer feels right, that there’s some type of misalignment. This is because you’re no longer the same as you were when you were initially attracted to your home.

In other words, it no longer resonates with who you are at Soul level because “like attracts like”

Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Reading & Energetic Property Clearing Package – €250 €175

(Energetic Property Clearing Reading ONLY – €100 €75)

  • Life Coaching sessions (60 minutes) €60 €50
  • Ongoing Coaching Sessions – 5 sessions (60 minutes each) €225 €175
  • Ongoing Coaching Sessions – 10 sessions (60 minutes each) €400 €350
  • Supplementary Coaching Sessions (60 minutes each) (Realigning To Your Divinity Akashic Reading) €50 €40

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Realigning to Your Divinity Akashic Reading

Energetic Property Clearing work  ~ Coaching Sessions

Know that YOU ARE the CREATOR of your own life experience!

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