Energetic Property Clearing

When we are attracted to a particular home to rent or purchase it’s because  its energetic vibration is aligned to ours. But, as we evolve spiritually and do energy work on ourselves, it’s common that our home then becomes misaligned to our vibration and needs to be cleared of energetic “entities” of sorts. However, even if you have not done spiritual or energetic work on yourself, you might still feel that the energetic field within your home just doesn’t feel right.

  1. Our property can be the home of Earthbound Souls and it can also easily be opened to many other Earthbound Souls that come and go as they please, disrupting and creating an environment that can actually be difficult to live in. Not to mention that the land on which a property is built could have once upon a time been assigned an energetic quality which is blocking it for other purposes today. This land on which your property is sitting on today, could have been a burial ground, a sacred site or even a battleground. 
  2. A property can also have independent negative thought forms attached to it that generate negative, unpleasant and even disturbing energetic qualities which make it difficult for its inhabitants. 
  3. Selling your home can also be difficult due to these energies or entities attached to it. Completing an “Energetic Property Clearing” can definitely facilitate this. ~ Real Estate Agents must get written permission from the home owner to complete an “Energetic Property Clearing”.
  4. Business owners can sometimes not understand why their business doesn’t flourish even though they seem to be doing every possible thing they can do for it to succeed. 
  5. Etc.

Property clearing and energetic realignment can be done remotely through the Akashic Records as well, as long as you are the owner of the property or the one paying the rent, because energetic “ownership” of the property follows financial responsibility.   


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