My Hobby

I love painting.

Painting is what I do to relax and connect with myself.  When I find some free time in my busy routine, I go out,  buy a canvas and just paint something. I’m not a professional painter, never went to school to learn how to paint, however, I did take a course in the past to learn how to use primary colors and create every color that exists. Yes, you probably didn’t know but every existing color can be created from these three. I like using the three primary colors, magenta, yellow and cyan (blue) together with titanium white. Even though a certain black can be created by mixing all three primary colors, I sometimes use oxide black in my paintings as well. I find that it’s a lot easier to create my own colors and tones rather than just buying different colors and having 1 million tubes of paint around, not to mention the money one saves. It might seem a bit more difficult but once you get the hang of it you’ll find that it’s a lot more fun to create your colors from scratch. Obviously the downside to this is that if you want to re-create a particular color sometimes you don’t get it quite the same as the first time but it’s art so anything goes and personally I think this actually add uniqueness to your piece.

Unfortunately due to life circumstances I stopped painting for quite a while, some years actually but now I’m back to creating some interesting pieces so I think and having a lot of fun with it. Thank God for YouTube because there are a lot of videos that show you various types of paintings and techniques so I watch them and try to reproduce some of the ones that I like. I’ll soon be creating a page and posting  pictures of the paintings that I’m creating and if you’re interested you can always contact me by email and get more information.

 I don’t have a particular style, I tend to enjoy creating abstract. I enjoy creating pieces that each person that looks at them might see something different or find details that I actually never even noticed while painting that particular piece.  When one talks about abstract painting one might think that it’s easy to do but it’s actually quite a bit more difficult than one would perceive. I love creating a painting that looks like something but ultimately each person’s imagination will create a unique image. Their perception can be quite interesting.

 Lately I’ve been trying a new style which is the abstract realistic style. These are closer to the real image but done in not such a precise way. I’m finding these to be quite interesting and a lot of fun to create.

I usually paint on canvas but sometimes just to try out something different I paint on paper as well. Besides I don’t have a lot of free room in my apartment and actually no more walls to put up paintings so the paper actually comes in handy because it’s easier to store.

 Now, I’m sure if an art critic was to look at my paintings they would most likely find many flaws and incorrect things but really,  does that really matter? At the end of the day it all comes down to one important thing and that is… I really enjoy playing around with paint and color and it doesn’t matter or make a difference if it’s perfect, if I’m using the right technique or it’s done in the right way but ultimately how it makes me feel. In the end  I have a lot of fun, I enjoy the time I spend painting and creating something that when finished is a part of me.

 If you enjoy creating things go for it don’t be afraid of what other people think. It doesn’t matter,  what’s important is how this makes you feel while doing it, while creating it.  Remember, whatever you create will have a part of you and no one will ever re-create it exactly as you’ve done it because it’s uniquely yours, uniquely You!

Namaste <3

Photo credit- Despertar pra viver – Awaken for living

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