My Bucket List!

Me3 101 + THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE KICKING THE BUCKET! Here is my Bucket List - Experiences I want and desire to have before I die. Finally, I got around to organizing the list to include pictures and all. Visualizing what you want gets you that much closer to achieving it. On this list I only have future things, the ones that I've done are in "Been There, Done That!" and the travels in Adventures. This list is not finished, thus the 101+. Everyday is a new day and with it comes new wishes, new dreams, new knowledge, etc. So, most likely I will be making some additions. Dream till I die! To me, this list is absolutely inspiring and maybe for you it will get you to make your own. Who knows! Namaste <3 101 + ALGUNS DESEJOS ANTES DE BATER AS BOTAS! Aqui está a minha Bucket List - Experiências que quero ter e desejo fazer. Finalmente encontrei o tempo para adicionar fotos a cada desejo e assim tornar ainda mais real cada um deles. Nesta lista só tenho os meus futuros desejos pois os que já concretizei passaram para a lista "Been There, Done That!"  e as viagens em Aventuras.  De maneira alguma ela está completa, por isso eu ter dito 101 + alguns, pois todos os dias são novos dias e com eles vêm novas ideias e desejos, novos conhecimentos, etc. Por isso, provavelmente continuarei a adicionar novos desejos.  Sonhar até morrer! Para mim esta lista é super inspiradora e talvez para si crie um desejo para fazer a sua própria lista. Quem sabe! Namaste <3 As of Dec. 2014. Prior to this date check out the "Been there, done that" ~~~and many other places and things that I keep adding as I go 🙂 <3 To this list I also add experiences that were never on it but that I get the opportunity to experience as life goes on and happens! 😉 Photo Credit - Despertar pra viver - Awaken for living   Feature Photo - Kukulkan, Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, Mexico - Dec. 2016 Page Photo - Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lagoon), São Miguel, Azores, Portugal - Aug. 2015