Shedding off what’s heavy

Wow! Another year coming to the end.

This year was intensely lived, I might add. Worked hard and played even harder! And here we are approaching the final week of 2017.

What do you see when you look back? Are you satisfied with what you did? Do you feel you’re a better human than this time last year? Do you feel you’ve contributed to a better society? Or do you feel, another year that you remained in the same place? Just going along with what’s expected of you?…

I had a recent bookclub meeting with some of my work colleagues in where the discussion was about, to sum it up, being able to say no. Doing what you really feel passionate about and not what’s expected of you. Say “Yes” only to things, to people, to events that you really connect with. But many of you might be thinking… Continue reading “Shedding off what’s heavy”

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My Hobby

I love painting.

Painting is what I do to relax and connect with myself.  When I find some free time in my busy routine, I go out,  buy a canvas and just paint something. I’m not a professional painter, never went to school to learn how to paint, however, I did take a course in the past to learn how to use primary colors and create every color that exists. Yes, you probably didn’t know but every existing color can be created from these three. I like using the three primary colors, magenta, yellow and cyan (blue) together with titanium white. Even though a certain black can be created by mixing all three primary colors, I sometimes use oxide black in my paintings as well.  Continue reading “My Hobby”

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A aventura começou

Faz hoje 13 anos que ansiava pela nova aventura que se avistava.

Não é fácil colocar tudo o que tem dentro de um contentor e transportá-lo para o outro lado do Atlântico para começar tudo de novo. Naquela que foi a minha cidade durante quase toda a minha vida, onde cresci, estudei, trabalhei, casei e tive filhos, acabei por ter que viver em casa de amigos na minha última semana, pois tudo o que possuía jamais lá existia. Estava tudo a caminho do meu novo país, que por sinal era onde nasci.

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My Golden Jubilee!

My life changed dramatically just a little over a year ago. I surfaced from some difficult, hard, draining, depressing times but 2015 was the ultimate breath of fresh air and energy. For those that are living hardship times, BELIEVE!!!! There's a lesson to be learned, even in hardship times. Embrace it, whatever it is. Accept it and make the choices, no matter how difficult they are. Stop the excuses and act! Don't victimize yourself! Stand tall and move on, never looking back. If you want your life to change you must change the way you look at life and everything else around you. Everyone can look back or even at present situations which aren't very favourable.

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May 2016 be the best year ever

Well, here we are at the beginning of another year when many of us use this opportunity to start over. Many New Year resolutions, many plans and changes. I personally believe everyday is a new beginning, an opportunity to change things from the previous day, things that we have done that we did not like or are not really connected to.

Many times no matter how much we want to change our life, we end up with the same results. Things don’t change because our way of thinking remains the same, our actions remain the same and therefore the results will always be the same.

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