Awaken For Living


For every human to live consciously of the enormous potential already existing within to create not only a joyful life, but also a compassionate world and a healthier planet for all.

We are One!


To spark the light that already shines within you to enlighten you to the beauty of being alive, by sharing life stories and experiences that will inspire and motivate you to bring more joyfulness into your own life and those around you.

My name is Florbela and I’d like to welcome you to Awaken for Living.

As a “common” human, I, like many others, have lived many life experiences that haven’t been the greatest and have placed me in very undesirable situations, perhaps even desperate situations in which very unpleasant choices were made. But then I realised that these were in fact free-willed choices which have taken me into a path of self-discovery and feel I have actually learned incredible lessons.

It’s the most unpleasant experiences that take us on a spiritual awakening and human understanding, and that are of great significance to our own self-development as individuals. I’ve started on this self-development path in 2005 but then relapsing for 7 years creating the most adverse and desperate conditions for myself until being struck in 2014, which was most definitely the worst year of my life. At the same time it was the year in which I was able to create the start of a new and independent journey.

My new and determined spiritual path began in 2015 at 49. I always felt within me that life could not be what most of us live. I love nature and everything naturally created, so to think that such amazing creatures as “Human Beings” are created, are destined to live such difficult, undesirable, and in many cases meaningless lives, was beyond my comprehension and furthermore, acceptance.

I know today that there’s much more to life than we are socially programmed to believe. What we see is not what it is! We are beings of creation, thus having the power to create whatever we wish to create… through our own choices of course. Yes, you might not like it, but you always have a choice.

Most humans on this planet live a life in chains, an invisible jail of unconscious manipulation and contradictions. Chained to traditions, to cultural and social expectations, to family rules and obligations, to careers that we don’t like, just to support the lifestyle that is expected by others, or undesirable and meaningless jobs just to make ends meet, to the “have to’s & the should’s”, etc...

Why do we do it? Do we really have to, or are we just too afraid of stepping outside the so called “normal”?

We don’t have to be, do, or say “anything”. We don’t have to, period! We choose, we are born with free will and choice. We are all different, so whatever resonates with each person is what is important, not what others want! We are here on this planet to experience our individual Divinity. It’s up to you and it’s your choice! So be it!

So, now at 53, I have to say that I’ve never been happier and making each day the best experience possible, thus having the great desire to inspire others to empower themselves in creating their own best life experience.

Thank you so much for reading and check out my "Realigning to Your Divinity" reading, it's transformational... you will never be the same! (;




Surrender, trust the driver & enjoy the ride!
Love YOU, Listen to YOU, and take care of your Soul!