Avoiding Drama

What is drama and how do we create it?

It’s true that most of us are living from our ego. We take everything as an attack and live in a constant fight or flight mode even with the most insignificant things in our daily lives. We are in constant drama, not only created by others, exterior influences or circumstances, but by us as well. We create most of our drama.

Drama is abundant whenever low energies are in the driver seat. Fear, judgement, expectations of others and how they should and shouldn’t be, and victimisation are all energies that prevent you from not only knowing yourself but also from tasting what life is all about. If we respect and love ourself unconditionally, we do the same to others as we know that we are all part of the same Oneness, having individual experiences. Many experience a life full of drama due to social and/or cultural pressure. They give in, and live a lifetime never expressing who they truly really are because it’s expected of them to be a certain way that is socially accepted. Never realising that life is to be lived in accordance with our true being.

No matter what happens in the life of each one of us, we all have common experiences throughout our lifetime and lifetimes. We are individually part of the Oneness, thus being part of the collective. We all have within, the power and capability of transforming our life into such a beautiful journey.

Know that it is your choice to choose what you allow or not.

Much love & light



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