About me…

I’ve taken many other steps much more challenging than this one of starting a blog and when I look back I can only feel an enormous satisfaction and pride. Even though some of them were very drastic life changes, today I see that in fact they were the ones that got me to the daily happiness that I feel. It wasn’t an easy journey. Some windy and rainy days, many were cloudy and with some storms in between, but since nothing lasts forever, I always looked forward to better days, sunny days and filled with happiness.

Sometimes we have great desire to change our life, great ideas to make it happen but we don’t know where to start. Fear is one of the biggest hitches we can have within us. It’s normal to feel scared, but the best way to defeat it is to face it. It’s from within that we can build our surroundings, without a doubt. When our feelings are negative, all that surrounds us is likely negative.

I was born in Portugal, but moved to Toronto, Canada when I was a child. Up to 2003 my place, the one I could relate to was Toronto, not where I had been born. All my friends were there, my work, where I got married and where my two beautiful and wonderful children were born. But I had the feeling that I wasn’t complete, because in reality what I had always wanted was to move back to Portugal. So then, in 2003 we decide to move to Portugal. The whole family, my husband at the time, the kids, the dog, the cat and me.

We sold the house, filled up a container and there we were on our way. Many might say how “scary”. Leave everything and start a new life? Yes, I felt a bit “scared” but deep down I felt it was the right thing to do, it was what had to be done. I knew that if I stayed in Toronto my kids would grow up, make friends, create a strong connection with their city and would never want to leave. That’s why we thought that if we were ever to move that would be the perfect time. Despite the great tribulation, it was worth it.

For sure there will be many opportunities to speak about my various life adventures. But for now let’s forward in time. Today I am divorced, work from home and live a tranquil and satisfying life with my 14 and 16-year-old sons, Nero and Venom. We are happy! <3

Hugs & Kisses…



PS. Before Nero we had Tina, now a star in the sky <3 together with Toro and Fino <3

Photo Credit - Despertar pra viver - Awaken for living

Photo - Merlion, Singapore - Dec. 2015